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  • BRICKFAST’s unique design allows thin bricks to mechanically fasten to the panel. This patented design uses precision cuts to ensure a smooth, secure fit.

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2020 Award BPG specializes in energy efficient masonry systems with emphasis on the building envelope. This is the most significant building component and has the greatest impact on lowering energy consumption, improving indoor air quality, decreasing construction costs and minimizing waste. BPG also specializes in custom brick & stone engraving, dimensional stone and cast bronze memorial plaques.

BPG focuses on wall systems low in embodied energy that are highly resistant to fire, moisture, seismic, insects, rodents, and have high sound transmission class [STC] ratings.

BPG Objectives:
INCREASE: Building's Usable Life
Structure's Durability
REDUCE: Construction Labor Hours
Material Waste
Life Cycle Operating Costs
Maintenance Expense
RE-USE: Existing Buildings through Retrofit

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